What is the opt in/ opt out process for members?2022-05-25T17:49:23+00:00

Voters who consent to online voting can revoke their consent at any time. In addition, boards may want to offer online voting as a voting option for some types of membership votes and not others. Using online voting for one membership vote does not mean that the community has to offer online voting for every vote unless that is desired.

What if someone casts a vote and then leaves the association and someone else comes in mid-vote?2022-05-25T17:50:14+00:00

Homes are often sold during a membership vote. When there is a change in ownership mid-vote, an online vote is handled in the same manner as a paper vote. The vote of the prior owner is voided and the new owner is given the option to vote before the voting process ends.

What if some of my members want to vote by paper?2022-05-25T17:50:37+00:00

Florida law requires associations to permit owners who wish to cast a manual paper vote to do so. Those paper votes will then be integrated with the online votes to create a final vote tally.

If we have used BPBALLOT in the past, will all the previously loaded homeowner accounts be transferred over to the new BeckerBALLOT site? Or, do we have to start over?2022-05-25T17:52:32+00:00

BeckerBALLOT is an entirely new product and will require an initial upload of homeowners. The onboarding process is easy and our customer service team will be available for support.

How secure is our information? How do you prevent voter fraud?2022-05-25T17:51:30+00:00

We use industry standard encryption (SSL) for your site and your documents. Your data is secure and we never share your information. In addition, each association has it’s own database so no information is in a shared database on our application – each association’s vote is completely separated from each other.

Each member is assigned a unique account and they must create their own password.  All passwords are encrypted within the application and we do not keep records of passwords here.  Members must create their own passwords and if forgotten, reset using specific credentials to avoid any potential issues.

How long was BPBALLOT in business?2022-05-25T17:51:57+00:00

BPBALLOT was released within months of a new law in Florida being adopted to permit online voting in 2016. BPBALLOT, now BeckerBALLOT, was and remains the first Florida-centric online voting option for community associations.

How do I retrieve the results of my online vote and what reports are available?2022-05-25T17:51:01+00:00
The BeckerBALLOT system generates a vote tally automatically.  An admin can’t alter vote results as the process is automated by the software.  When a vote closes, the final vote tally is available in the portal.  We also provide a report that shows voter participation (who voted and when) and a report of each receipt in the event a vote is challenged.  In the case of elections, all votes are anonymous so no one including vote admins or BeckerBALLOT staff will be able to see a report of who a voter selected – these votes are always secret ballots!
Associations typically have a property manager, association administrator or the association legal counsel access the portal to retrieve the results.
If I choose to pay for a yearly subscription for unlimited voting, how does the survey tool work?2022-05-25T17:48:36+00:00

You can use our e-voting system to survey your association members without the need to conduct a formal vote. Create questionnaires and surveys, circulate by email and gather feedback in real time. Results are tabulated and reports generated, providing you with insight to make informed decisions for your association membership.

Can we integrate our electronic voting with our website?2022-05-25T17:49:50+00:00

Of course. Rather than sending your members to the BeckerBALLOT.com website to cast their votes, a direct link to vote can be placed on your association website.

Are there any legal requirements that I need to be aware of if I move my association to electronic voting?2022-05-25T17:49:00+00:00

Yes, in Florida the shared ownership statutes require that the board of directors first pass a statutorily-compliant Board Resolution Authorizing Electronic Voting and obtain written consent from the owners wishing to utilize online voting. The voting platform must also comply with a number of other requirements to ensure voter access and voter anonymity for election votes. It is strongly recommended that you speak with your lawyer to ensure that the proper initial legal steps have been taken whenever you decide to offer online voting as a voting option in your community.

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