Leverage technology to overcome the challenges the coronavirus has introduced to our communities and businesses.

BPBallot is now BeckerBALLOT!

The ORIGINAL electronic association voting software, BPBALLOT is now BeckerBALLOT – the same great software you know, only better.

Quick, Easy, Secure

With a few clicks, your association members can cast their votes at anytime from anywhere in the world – making paper ballots a thing of the past!

Convenience at the click of a button!

Encourage participation in your community voting by allowing your members to cast an online vote from the convenience of their home, office or mobile on the go!

It’s Fast, Easy and Secure!

Once your Board adopts a Resolution which offers an online voting system option for your members, those members consenting to vote online will be invited to register and vote using BeckerBALLOT.

Your association will be asked to provide a roster of eligible voters (members who have consented) to BeckerBALLOT.

Eligible voters will be invited to activate their account online and vote!

Please note that the BeckerBALLOT support team does require a minimum of 72 hours notice before a vote goes live. This is for everyone’s benefit to ensure that your vote is set up properly, there is enough time to QA the set up, your voters are set up in the system properly and and you can be assured all the pieces are in place for an easy and secure vote. (If you ask to set up a vote in less time, we can not guarantee there will be sufficient time to activate your vote).


If your association has joined BeckerBALLOT and you are ready to vote ONLINE, you are in the right place!

Your association has provided you with the ability to easily cast your vote and ensure that no matter where you are, you can participate in important association voting.  It’s fast, accurate and secure.  You’ll have the confidence in assuring your vote is counted, all without the necessity of filling out and mailing your paper ballot!






BPBALLOT, the original electronic voting software is NOW BeckerBALLOT, a joint partnership between Becker & Poliakoff and SHYFT digital. 

We offer an easy-to-use, secure electronic voting software solution that is compliant with state law. We provide the ability for members in condominiums, cooperatives and homeowner associations to cast their votes online.  You will be able to easily and seamlessly facilitate and increase member participation in important votes. All votes stay secure, anonymous and tracked for validity.

Once your Board adopts a Resolution which offers an online voting system for your members, members consenting to vote online may register and vote using Read the full electronic vote process here.


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We had 50 owners (out of 60 who voted and 72 owners in total) use BeckerBallot, including quite a number of the ‘old folks!’ Personally, I think it was FANTASTIC (I never want to go back to the ‘old way)! Thanks for your help.


We would like to thank BeckerBallot for enabling our Condo Association to establish a quorum for our recent amendment ballot for the 1st time in over 8 years.


The simplicity and security of our software makes BeckerBALLOT the perfect solution for you!

Use the software for board of directors votes, amendment of governing documents, waive reserves and approval of material alterations and more! Your members need to simply log in, cast their votes and be on their way.


Unlimited Setup and Support

We now offer unlimited setup and support for vote administrators.  We will upload your voter roster and create the online version of your ballot(s) or survey(s) from your supplied materials.  This is available as an optional add-on at checkout for a one-time charge of $250!

If you call before or after normal business hours Monday through Friday, we will return all messages the next business day.



Please fill out the form and we will contact you to assist!


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