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BeckerBALLOT is an easy to use, secure electronic voting platform that is compliant with state law. The platform provides the ability for community and property managers to easily create an online ballot and manage their voter roster all through a web-based interface.

Association members can easily access the platform via the internet and a standard web browser on desktop or mobile and cast their vote online. This facilitates (and often increases) member participation in important votes.

Upon signup, your association is assigned a portal with a unique URL. Each portal is maintained in a secure database and data is sequestered from any other member association using the platform. Access to the portal for both administrators and voters is made through a secure https request and all data during that interaction is encrypted. Voter account data is anonymized in the database and passwords are hash encrypted.

  • The following vote types are supported through the BeckerBALLOT platform:
    Board Elections
  • Reserve Votes
  • Amendment Votes
  • Alteration Votes

The platform will also support any other Yes/No vote type.

Attachments can be added to each question and candidate information statements can be attached to each candidate name for Board Election Votes.

After voting, a voter will see their ballot confirmation in their browser and will receive an email confirmation of their vote.

The BeckerBALLOT platform provides reporting to vote administrators including:

  • Voter registration status
  • Voter participation status
  • Vote tally (approximately 1 minute after the vote closes)
  • Vote receipt reports (anonymized)

The vote data is stored in the database and available for reference.

Click here to a quick explainer video of the voter experience.

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